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Date archive for: June 2015

Rapsio Overview

Rapsio is one of the newer and still less-known ad networks and scouring the internet for info doesn’t yield many results at first. With a bit of persistence the image of the company emerges; and the best place start with it is Rapsio’s website. The company is located in Barbados, but, of course supports advertisers and publishers from multiple locations. It is a PPV and PPC network, dealing in pop-up  and in-text ads.

Going with the trend of scarce information, Rapsio’s website isn’t abundant in it. However, instead of filling their website with stock photos and long, winded texts about efficiency and monetization, they are a straight-to-the-point kind of company. The only thing you will find on their page are enumerated facts about how their network operates, a contact sheet and registration form.

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TrafficVance overview

And once again we’re dealing with a very well-known entity in the field of web advertising. Trafficvance has been around since 2006, and has since established its position as a reliable cost-per-click advertising platform.

Their website is well organized and full of useful information. Actually, that may be an understatement: TrafficVance’s website is one of the most transparent, information-packed ad company sites out there. They even have case studies of some of their more successful advertisers. Not many companies can say the same.

They also offer a well-designed and reliable self-serve interface.

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Leadimpact overview

Well, pretty huge. They are one of the largest PPV advertising networks out there; one of the most frequently recommended and used ones at that. When searching for a reliable source of income (when you’re a publisher) or a steady source of reliable traffic (when you’re a advertiser) it’s often beneficial to turn to one of the ‘internet advertising giants’. LeadImpact’s mode of operation, however, is quite specific and might not suit your personal needs. Why? We’ll get to that in a moment.

The fact that is that LeadImpact is a PPV network with a high conversion rate and good quality traffic. So let us put aside any objections for right now, and delve into some objective facts.

LeadImpact’s website makes it obvious that it is a huge company. While the page itself is not loaded with a detailed description of the company or its history, there are a lot of quotes from satisfied clients. A brief internet search confirms that these reviews are, indeed, the real deal.

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50onRed Overview

50onred is a company that is going with the spirit of the times. Hip, dynamic, and in touch, they have their head in the game; and it really shows through their online presence.
The company has a really nicely designed website, with a up-to-date blog, twitter account and various articles about events sponsored by them and some behind the scenes, slice-of-life  shorts about how their office is run and how their employees operate. The website gives a very good first impression, especially concerning the way the company is moving; various articles about what the company has learned from giants like Netflix or Google are not only a good read but an indication that 50onred know how to stay on top of their  game.

So, are we betting 50 bucks on red in this game of advertising roulette? Just one more spin while we’re ahead. Come on, red…

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So what’s the deal with ExoClick, 4th largest Ad Network in the world?

Let us start with the broad strokes.

ExoClick is one of the largest online advertising companies out there. To be more precise, it was ranked as the 4th largest online ad company just this year by W3Techs. It started climbing its way to this position in 2006, when it was Founded in Spain. In almost a decade it progressed and grew until it reached its current status as an advertising giant, having more than 4 billion daily impressions.

Some ad companies need to find a niche in order to prosper. Well, they need to do so because companies like Exoclick are putting the pressure on them from every side. A multitude of formats and ad models (by this I mean that exoclick offers CPM and CPC methods of advertising) are this company’s strong suite, especially when coupled with their broad platform scope: they take seriously not only mobile advertising, but also the often looked over smart TV ads.

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