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3 things you should do to run the best PPV campaigns

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A man of success is a man of devotion. So be devoted to your affiliates campaigns by doing these three things on a regular basis: look at your niche, look at your competition and look at yourself.

These three activities will keep you in the know of the market, other players and, most importantly, yourself.

Here’s how you can do it all using an ad research tool, BoxOfAds.

Overview your niche

Your niche is your small garden. If you want to grow vegetables or flowers or fruit trees in your garden, you need to keep an eye on the environment in there. Observe everything that concerns your niche: other affiliates creatives, well-performing targets and fresh campaigns that come out.

It’s best to do an overview of your niche once a week, every Friday or so. With a routine like that you’ll be able to quickly spot changes and appearing trends. The coming turns and twist of the niche. You’ll smell it in the air. Hence, you’ll be able to react — change your creatives or targets.

One of the ways to watch the niche is generating a 7-day report at BoxOfAds.

Here’s how:

1. Pick a niche by entering a keyword to a search box.

2. Filter the results to the last 7 days (if you’re interested in one network, filter it as well).

7-day filter at BoxOfAds

3. Briefly, take a look at creatives (just by observing you’ll learn a lot).

If you find something interesting among creatives, take a closer look at it in a detail view.

4. Generate a CSV report (you’ll get it straight to your mailbox).

CSV report at BoxOfAds

5. Open a CSV report in a spreadsheet (google docs is a fine option).

Here’s an example of a CSV report for a garcinia query.

6. Sort the data by age ascending (small to big) and hits descending (big to small).

This will give you a view of fresh campaigns (young age) that have a smashing potential (many hits).

Promising campaigns at BoxOfAds

7. Sort the data by age descending (big to small) and hits descending (big to small).

This will give you a view of long-lasting campaigns (old age) that are advertised a lot (many hits). In short, the best ones.

Well-performing ads at BoxOfAds

There’s one more analysis you can do with a 7-day report — compare two of them, week to week. In the comparison look at the number of hits for each creative. If you notice that the number of hits has raised, it’s a sign that the campaign is spreading its reach significantly. And thus, such a creative is worth to pore over it.

A practice of studying the data from the last 7 days will help you be in the know of creatives running in your niche, promising campaigns that have just sprouted out, and long-lasting campaigns that are still performing best. That’s a pretty good view of your niche.

Watch others

There are two key things you can learn by watching other affiliates: how to design a creative and how to set up trackers.

In your niche, find affiliates you think highly of, the ones who run first-rate campaigns. To spot them easily do the following steps:

1. Pick a niche by entering a keyword to a search box.

2. Filter the results using coverage (yellow to green).

Coverage filter at BoxOfAds

3. Pick a campaign you find interesting and check who is running it (check trackers).

More campaigns at BoxOfAds

4. Study affiliate’s other campaigns (look at the patterns he or she uses).

List of affiliate's campaigns at BoxOfAds

5. Take a look at the targets used for each campaign.

Targets used by affiliates in BoxOfAds

You can export a list of targets to a CSV file.

Watching others is important for your development as an affiliate. It will help you be aware of an ad landscape and inspire you to design better ads.

Study yourself

Create a feedback loop for your campaigns by checking which of them have been found by BoxOfAds. BoxOfAds behaves like a human being who runs across ads while jumping from one website to another. When you see your ads in BoxOfAds it means they are out there in the online world.

So, once a week look for yourself in BoxOfAds by entering your tracker in a search box. Then analyze your findings.

Another self-study can be done with a monitoring feature. Simply, start monitoring your campaigns to learn what has changed. Has a landing or a tracker been added? If so, there is a chance that another affiliate has copied your creative. Yet, when you use a direct linking, new landings and trackers show that new affiliates are using the same direct offer.

Get used to the system

Uff! It seems like a lot of studying and analyzing and reporting. But don’t feel overwhelmed. Once you set up a system — checking it all once a week, on Friday for two hours — it’ll be easy. You’ll get used to doing research and a simple practice of looking at all the data will bring you the knowledge of the market. And with this knowledge you’ll run smarter and better campaigns. I’ll bet you will!

Look at your niche, competition and yourself in BoxOfAds. Sign up for a trial!

Photo courtesy of Hji via Creative Commons.

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