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AdCash overview – “ads” something more to your business, a scale.

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So let’s look at one of the biggest advertising networks in terms of reach – and by reach we mean countries (249!) and different devices too. It is one of most, if not the most technology driven, performance based ad network to be a part of. Real pioneers in dynamic CPM optimization, trying to serve ads most relevant to the visitor’s demographics and topics, making tailor – made solutions for its customers.

Some say they are too meticulous, but seeing how much they care about their quality of service it can only be taken as a compliment. Looking at their webpage you can spot major brands, like Travian games,, EA, and Ubisoft.

What’s really drawn the attention of such well – known global companies to a network like AdCash?

Let’s start with a brief history.

Back in 2007 AdCash founders started working on their product differently than most of its competitors. In this case, it wasn’t a ”garage” or a “basement”… but a kitchen. Just two friends without any direct funding rose to be a company which is called “one of the biggest and hottest startups in Estonia” just in five years and from this moment, still growing stronger.

AdCash were doubling their turnover each year, and the achieved a €25 million turnover in 2013. AdCash was heavily focused on gaming and Entertainment traffic, and now they developed technology and scalability to grow even bigger in other verticals. That lead to a partnership with Alibaba, which is now one of their top advertisers. AdCash’s main focus was always on clustering audiences, delivering highly targeted traffic and working on eCPM model that can be purely performance based, trying to set them apart from competitors.

They found a strategic investor in Naxicap Partners, the leading providers of equity financing for businesses in France, which invested €20 million in AdCash.

With a hands – on approach, Naxicap has supplemented the AdCash team with two members: an analyst and a former CEO of a company that progressed from being worth €40 million to €300 million.


Ad formats

AdCash provides a variety of ad formats suited for viewing both on PCs and range of mobile devices.

The traditional banner stays in a fixed place on the page; it is available in the following resolutions: 120×600, 160×600, 250×250, 300×250, 336×280, 468×60, 728×90. Footers are banners of a 728×90 resolution, which stay on the top of the page even when the user scrolls down.

Interstitials with a resolution of 800×600 are shown to the user between web pages. This format has a high engagement rate, as the attention of the user is focused on the ad. The background ad adapts to the layout of the website so that it is displayed behind the site at the margins of the page. The resolution is 2000×150 for the ad header and 340×770 for the sides.

Site – under are displayed in a full size browser window and do not pop to the foreground, like regular pop – up ads. The stay behind the user’s main browser window and grab his attention when he closes it. The Slide – in format slides into the page from the edge of the site, grabbing the users attention and giving a positive impression. They have resolutions of 250×250 and 300×250.

What about mobile ads, then?

Mobile versions of the ads as well as ads designed for mobile are available.

In-app ads are especially promising, as a majority people use smartphones as their primary internet and media consumption device. With the mobile device market blooming, it is important to use the possibilities that are offered by modern mobile devices.


Global offer with wide coverage.

 AdCash is availabla in many different languages (English, French, Estonian, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish and Russian). The AdCash  headquarters are located in Tallinn, but from 2012 till now, they opened branches in France, Bulgaria, Mexico and Spain and are already working on opening offices in China, Russia and brand new Tallinn office.

According to most of visitors come from India (8%) but they operate in 246 countries. Their 100+ staff can help you in 13 different languages: Bulgarian, German, English, Estonian, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi and Mandarin Chinese. It’s impressive how many regions AdCash got covered and in how many there are number one among competitors.


 What’s inside the box?

The registration process is pretty straight forward – all you need to do is type in your email address, choose a password and account type (advertiser or publisher). The site itself is sleek, modern, uncluttered, minimalistic and leaving its visitors with a rather good impression. After registration most users get past the approval process in less than a day. Any new user will be glad to know that every user has a dedicated account manager to assist newcomers with getting started. If you have any questions, feel free to contact them and expect an answer in up to twelve hours. AdCash is praised for multilingual support among its clients, giving a good example for companies disregarding this topic and assuming that all of their clients should speak English. Not only their site interface is translated – all of their documentation and technical support is available in 12 languages. The first impression after logging in is that the interface is easy to navigate and all available options are clearly visible in the menu.

In terms of targeting, not only the volume of traffic counts, but also its quality. This part is hard to swallow for publishers looking for an easy buck, because only way to monetize their efforts, is to convert visitors into leads. This is what makes AdCash so tempting for advertisers. That kind of quality is achieved by using advanced targeting methods and algorithms. Such basic features as identifying the user’s operating system and browser are, of course, supported. Advertisers can choose to cap displaying an ad to one person to one per day, week, or any other time increment. He can choose the time of day his ad should be displayed and the demographic it targets – ads are much more effective when targeted to a specific age, gender or profession. Ads are also targeted for users based on their location, web-browsing behavior and the content they consume. These methods add up to a very precisely chosen target audience, which is actually interested in the ads they view. In sum, users claim that their CPM rates is better than average, but it requires more attention and optimization.

Adcash requires a minimum deposit of $1000, and the minimum payment amount is €100. Yes you read that right; the deposit is in dollars, while the payments are in euro.

The payments are paid every thirty days.

You are not required to fill any tax documents, but AdCash always double-checks their partner’s campaign before any money withdraw. You can use either PayPal, Skrill, Web money, Payoneer or Wire transfer.



 If you ask yourself, “should I give it a try?” you have to consider a couple of things.

For those that want to be ones of AdCash publishers, your site has to be high-performing to be a part of this exclusive network. You have to be ready for high exposure, and when you are in, you will spend some time to monitor impressions that convert to leads. According to many users, it’s really worth the hassle. This is a bit of a double-edged sword for the company, because you can find a lot of users that “didn’t make it” and spread misinformation about their services.

If you want to advertise with this network, you can be sure that the traffic you get is the best that you can get out there. This applies to many places all around the globe, so you can plan your campaign on worldwide markets. Highly effective and engaging ad units, appealing to users with characteristics you choose across specific platforms and devices that can give your product real “brand awareness” aside from a good return of investment.

As an interesting sidenote, one of the founders of AdCash, Christopher Avignon, is involved in the development of Flapit; a interesting twist on visualizing your online presence in the physical world. It is a flapping board, not dissimilar from the ones found in train station. This one, however, can display things such as the number of ‘likes’ your company gets on social media sites or the current rating of your service by internet users.

 Examples of creatives from AdcashAdcash Creative

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Luke Jasiak

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  1. Hi,

    I just signed up for the network but i am a little confused as i came to know that AdCash is a pop network like and propellerads. But i had no info about the PPV part.
    Is it a PPV network like Leadimpact or traffic vance. Please clear this doubt i have

    • As you say it’s pop network we are soon renaming PPV module to respond to more generic networks :)

      • Ohh that will be great. I hope this helps in getting insights for my site PaisaFly too.

  2. edward edward

    Last time I heard, they don’t have a self serve platform for advertisers. So you don’t create campaigns directly, you need to work with your adcash rep and they will actually create the campaign for you.

    Is this still true? or do they have a self serve platform for advertisers now?

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