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AVG runs creative campaigns using BoxOfAds

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While running an online campaign every marketer needs to be aware of what’s going on the market. How is the competition seducing a customer? What arguments do they use? What do they highlight? Where do they show up?

This knowledge helps a marketer come up with a unique offer. With one virtue, that is original. Hence, it grabs the attention of a customer and attracts him or her.

But analyzing online ads manually is like fishing on a bad day — you are waiting for hours and may catch nothing. Ads appear everywhere, but you never know where exactly. You check the most popular publishing places for your business niche and on a good day you can find some ads run by the competition, but on a bad day you cannot find anything. It’s a tedious work.

AVG, a company offering one of the most popular anti-virus software, was tired of doing manual searches of the marketplace. It took too much of their time and results were always just a piece of a puzzle. They could never see a whole picture. And they craved to see one.

“We wanted to see how we stacked up against the market in terms of quality of our ads. Our display business is an important piece of our program and we wanted to develop more complex creative strategy,” said Marek, the Senior Online Advertising Specialist at AVG.

AVG dreamt of an ad monitoring tool that would tell them who, where and how is advertising. The dream came true when they run across BoxOfAds.

Meeting BoxOfAds

BoxOfAds was the first ad research tool they took for a test drive and it turned out to be the tool of choice.

“The reach of BoxOfAds is incomparable with their competitors,” said Marek. “With this tool we can research across all the ad networks, multiple countries and across devices.”

AVG decided to pick BoxOfAds and has started using it on a monthly basis.

Using BoxOfAds

AVG uses BoxOfAds for two causes: a regular check-up of the market and creative research before launching a new campaign.

Once a month they scan for both, themselves and the marketplace. They look for their own creatives in BoxOfAds to see which of them have shown up to people. Since BoxOfAds acts like an online version of a human being who stumbles upon ads, it’s good to interpret the data this way. At the same time, AVG looks at creatives of all the players from the industry to learn what they are targeting now and to catch fresh campaigns.

Every now and then, AVG does in-depth research while looking at creatives, landing pages and publishers used for competitor’s campaigns.

“Every time we launch a new product or new specific campaigns we always conduct creative research to gather information on the marketplace and how we can differentiate ourselves,” said Marek.

AVG competitors ads

As an example, a couple months ago AVG launched a campaign for a business edition of their product. On the ad creative, they used an image of a woman brewing coffee. Using a person in the ad aimed to stand out from competition who used ads with a sole copy. It was also a move towards adding a personal touch to a software product which often seems human-less.

AVG woman brewing coffee ad

Besides analyzing creatives and landing pages, AVG uses BoxOfAds to find publishers with a valuable audience. They look at the list of publishers mostly used within the marketplace. This information helps them decide to use same placements and bid higher or find less occupied ones and bid lower. Additionally, they seek out publishers used by complementary businesses like customer service or online marketing tools. These businesses target the same audience as AVG and might have come up with placements AVG is not using yet.

AVG finally sees the whole picture

Since AVG harnessed BoxOfAds, it has launched many campaigns based on the ground research of an online market. Research has helped them compare their strategy with strategies of others and, as a result, they have improved their campaigns.

“Basically, every time we launch a new product we reach out to BoxOfAds,” said Marek. “It’s always good to have solid data for research that we can use to back up our decisions. As performance marketers, we want to avoid building the program on personal feelings or guesses.”

AVG is looking forward to seeing a new UI of BoxOfAds and hopes it will bring a clearer picture of an online land.

Check your own campaigns and see the whole marketplace. Sign up for a BoxOfAds trial.

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