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Why my affiliate campaigns do not convert

A question that often pops up from our clients, right at the beginning of their journey with affiliate marketing, is: “Why are my campaigns not converting?”. We wish we had an immediate answer, but we don’t.

Our abilities reach far when it comes to explaining how to do proper research using our tool, yet an answer to the question why a campaign isn’t working well is out of our hands. But don’t walk away disappointed, we can still give you a solid advice as to where to look for mistakes in your campaigns.

To do so, we’ve asked two affiliate experts, Bank from and Bazi Hassan, to deliberate over this question. Here’s what they told us:

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How we found hidden PPV traffic

When it comes to PPV traffic, BoxOfAds has been a fantastic tool to allow us to understand where publishers are spending the majority of their money, which landing pages have the greatest reach, and which targets are being invested in across any given combination of campaigns, verticals and geos.

We all know that’s what we use tools like BoxOfAds for. Getting an edge by increasing the opportunity for success by seeing what is already working.

But what few seem to be able to do is find the hidden opportunities, identify untapped sources and creatives with proven results. This is all vital in determining a very cost effective CPM.

This is what the Mpire team provides to our distribution partners – an edge on competition by providing trend analysis and helping to uncover these golden nuggets to help increase ROI.

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Is Forex the new GOOGLE cash?

From time to time I receive some inside word on what’s trending in PPV and I wanted to share with you a word from buddy of mine Matt Pepke from

So what’s picking up on Rapsio currently. It’s Forex.. I’ve grabbed few creatives from BoxOfAds to show you as well as infopgrahic that we have put together.

Below is a word from Matt.

Through out the world Central Banks have been increasing money supplies and curling interest rates. The Banking system if was not before is now a global casino. Forex companies are making massive profits as the power of the World Wide Web is unleashed.

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What to promote in 2015 and take it to 6 figure campaigns!

As a user of BoxofAds, you already know one of the more important aspects of Internet Marketing: Research. Knowing which traffic sources and creatives are getting the most love from a particular offer can save you a ton of time and money with testing.

With that being said, as a researcher and being keen to numbers and stats, it’s likely that you’ve noticed how difficult some traffic sources have become (cough, Facebook, cough), especially in the past few months.

Thanks to this little speed bump in the road of marketing, more and more affiliates are turning back to PPV and Display traffic, and utilizing BoxofAds to survey the marketplace and find inspiration is a great way to get on the right track.

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