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4 tools for building smashing landing pages

Landing pages are must-have, must-do elements of any online marketing — display, affiliate or else.

If you know how to code then you’re free as a bird in building anything you imagine. But if not, then tools for creating landing pages will give you the power to draw most of your ideas without having to write a single line of code.

After some research, I’ve picked four most sought-after landing page builders: Wishpond, Instapage, Pagewiz, and Unbounce to present to you. These 4 is a good number to choose from and I believe that among these tools you’ll find your best pick.

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Native ad networks worth checking out: Revcontent, Yahoo Gemini, and Mgid

Native advertising is one of sprouting trends in online marketing. People are driving away from classic banner ads; engaging more with native ads which are non-intrusive, informative and attractive. And hand in hand with the rise of content marketing, native ads appear as an audience whipper-ins.

For all these trending reasons, I’ve checked out a few ad networks, which look promising and I will share my findings with you. I’ll start with three of them and in other blog posts, I will cover the others.

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PropellerAds overview

When I looked at PropellerAds, a thought ran through my mind: “these are big boys with deep pockets.” Each day they show ads to 100 million users from all around the globe, both on desktop and mobile devices. Literally, with PropellerAds you can advertise at any country in the world.

Moreover, they know the ad market pretty well as they’ve launched thousands of campaigns and they eagerly share this knowledge through account managers who assist clients at all time.

They are big, they haven’t stopped growing and developing though. At the moment, PropellerAds is working on a self-serviced platform for advertisers which should be launched by the end of this year.

Would you like to meet them now? Let me guide you through PropellerAds offer.

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ZeroPark overview

ZeroPark is a traffic network that could be called by two names — quality and easiness. Quality stands for the traffic the network offers and easiness reflects in a user friendly ad platform.

ZeroPark’s saying is “never overpay for traffic.” To make sure it happens in the real life they do three things: offer large volumes on a global level, monitor traffic quality day-to-day and use a smart algorithm for bidding. They also offer a solid support that can assist and advice with a campaign set-up, targeting and optimization.

Let’s see what they look like up close.

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