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Keep yourself updated using monitoring

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Once you’re in the advertising business, you need to keep an eye on an ever-changing landscape of your niche. Because it is changing, constantly.

Advertisers redesign landing pages and add or remove targets. Best performing landing pages expand their reach by appearing in new networks. And, despite a big no-no, some of the landing pages are cloned.

We know it’s important that you know it all, so we have designed a monitoring feature that allows you to track any creative over the time.

Let me show you how it works.

Data you can track

Every creative which you choose to track will appear on a list of monitored landing pages. To access the list, click on the eye icon in the left navigation bar.

Monitoring on the left menu bar in BoxOfAds

In a first view, you will see changes from the last week. Note, that we update the data once a day so if you don’t see any updates in the beginning it just means the data is still on its way and will show up in in a few hours or so.

Last week monitoring at BoxOfAds

In a second view, you can see the changes that appeared the last month, 4 last weeks to be specific .

Last month monitoring at BoxOfAds

The metrics that you will be able to track for each landing page are: targets, landings and trackers. When one of these items is added by an advertiser, an arrow pointing up with a number of added items will show up next to the metric. Simply said, when we spot three new targets for a landing page you are tracking, you’ll see an arrow pointing up with a number three.

Metrics for monitoring at BoxOfAds

When you click on an arrow or a number, more details will appear and you’ll see the exact changes that happened for a chosen metrics.

Details for targets on monitoring at BoxOfAds

How to understand the data

Once you know where and how the data shows up, let me tell you how to understand it.

When targets appear for a landing page it’s a signal that an advertiser is experimenting with keywords — adding new potential hits. By observing the moves of targets you get a clearer picture of which phrases work best for a monitored landing page.

New landings or trackers sprouting out for a landing page are signals of more active advertisers — many advertisers advertise the same offer. When a landing page is a direct linking offer, a creative has been prepared by an advertiser, then it’s common that many advertisers use it. However, when a landing page is not a direct linking offer and a new landing or tracker appear it may mean that an advertiser has cloned someone’s creative.

How to add a landing page to a monitoring list

Now as you’ve learned about the data, I’ll show you one last thing — how to actually monitor a landing page you like.

To add a landing page to a monitoring list, click on an eye icon in one of these places:

  • a grid view of landing pages,

Monitoring at a grid view at BoxOfAds

  • a list of landing pages, or

Monitoring at a list view in BoxOfads

  • a landing page’s detail view.

Monitoring at a landing page view at BoxOfAds

Once a landing page is added, it will show up on the monitoring list I described at the beginning of this post.

I hope a monitoring feature will give you a clearer picture of the ad landscape in your niche and will be your go-to source for news and changes occurring on the market. Simply, use it.

Give it a shot now! Login to BoxOfAds or Sign up for a free trial.

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