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Popcash. Sounds great! What can you tell me about them?

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In terms of company history? Not much. Nothing, in fact. Even though you can contact them through various internet messengers and email, they give no physical address or phone number on their website. While this might smell fishy to some people, I have found the company to be very communicative and reliable.  Their website is a bit like their company- straight to the point, no-nonsense information about their services. If the FAQ section doesn’t answer  your question, support is just a click away.

Other than that, they are a small, CPM based, highly specialized ad company. In a world of media conglomerates and ad giants, finding a good niche and filling it is the only way to make a smaller ad company thrive. And I must say, Popcash is very much alive and kicking.

I want a slide-in flash-animated video interlude.  Not a problem, right?

Well, here’s the thing… As I said, Popcash is a very specialized company.  By that I mean they only use pop-under ads. Sure, they might come in all shapes and sizes, but their basic format stays the same. Before you write Popcash off as having limited scope, think about it. The pop-under ad is tried and true, and while it might not work for every campaign, it is very effective. Also consider the fact that Popcash accepts publishers from all over the world and you come to the conclusion that this is a very specific, but also very productive niche.

But is it right for you? As an advertiser, you have to judge that for yourself. The pop-under ad is effective, but will not work in every context. What is acceptable for a satirical website just won’t fly when you want your company to project an air of professionalism and respect.


The prices are dynamic and bid-based.  The minimum price you can offer is $0.001 per unique visitor. In practice, from the publisher’s side of things, this averages at about $1.4 per 1000 visitors.

They accept payments from PayPal, Payza and Paxum, but are very accommodating and will accept other forms of payment when contacted. Seeing as their support staff is very responsive, this means that they pretty much accept all popular forms of money transfer.

For publishers, the company offers something very rare in the internet ad world- daily payouts. While payouts must gain approval, during business days they usually do so in a matter of hours.

Globally popping-under

As I mentioned, Popcash accepts publishers from around the globe.  They are very attractive for publishers, as they offer daily payments (really!) and have only a $10 minimum payout.

They also accept sites from every category. While they, of course, screen sites for malware and fraudulent activity, there is no limit to what the site’s content may be: adult content, warez, gambling. Anything goes! And while this might be called “in bad taste” by some, I call it well-adapted. Let’s face it, If you are trying to advertise your law firm through an ad company dealing exclusively with pop-under ads, you might be better off trying a different approach.

Ads on mobile devices

An unfortunate side-effect of Popcash’s specialization is its lack of ad formats well-suited for mobile devices. Sure, the pop-under ad will also work on your phone or tablet, but without the over\under GUI of a PC operating system, they simply turn into pop-up ads. Not that those are bad, mind you- just not optimally suited for the mobile world. Unfortunately, if you are looking for in-app ads, then Popcash is not for you.

Support. How is it?

It is excellent. Popcash advertises having a good support structure, giving fast approval and tech support and it’s all true. That’s a benefit of being a small company, they really take good care of both advertisers and publishers.  This is evident not only when seeking help from support, but also with various approval times. Whether you are trying to get your campaign approved, submitting your website as a publisher or trying to cash out, you can be confident that it will be handled quickly.

Registration and initial deposit.

Registration is quick and painless. After supplying the necessary information and confirming tour account, you are free to browse the user interface. It’s well designed; everything is in its place and there is no unnecessary clutter.  The interface updates the detailed statistics of your ongoing campaigns hourly. You can also cancel an ongoing campaign at any time and get what is left of that particular deposit back.

As far as targeting goes there are several different profiles to choose from. You can’t fine-tune the specifics, but the provided profiles will be perfectly adequate most of the time.  Also, you can choose to identify the sites which your campaign uses and remove those that perform poorly.

We have seen some pretty huge numbers when dealing with deposits before.  So how does Popcash handle this sensitive topic? Well, the minimum deposit is… $5. Pretty astounding, seeing as not so long ago we deal with a company with an initial deposit of $5k. A difference of two orders of magnitude can make all the difference in the world, especially if you have a small company and can’t spare too much on advertising.

Big picture

The big picture is, you have to decide for yourself if Popcash is suited for you. Not every campaign is suitable for a pop-under, but when the format fits your bill then this company is an excellent choice (especially if you do not want to spend much money on a initial deposit)

Popcash is definitely different than other, ‘larger’ ad companies. While this specific company profile has some drawbacks, the positive sides are undeniable: a very fast support time (and great support quality and cooperation), competitive pricing, and a general good value for the money.

If advertising, you should definitely give Popcash a shot if it suits your needs. If you are looking to monetize your traffic, than it is also a safe bet; again, if the pop-under format is suitable for your website.

So it’s a specialized company; it’s not a surprise that it caters to somewhat specialized clients. It found its niche and I can’t deny that it’s doing a good job at it.

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