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Rapsio Overview

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Rapsio is one of the newer and still less-known ad networks and scouring the internet for info doesn’t yield many results at first. With a bit of persistence the image of the company emerges; and the best place start with it is Rapsio’s website. The company is located in Barbados, but, of course supports advertisers and publishers from multiple locations. It is a PPV and PPC network, dealing in pop-up  and in-text ads.

Going with the trend of scarce information, Rapsio’s website isn’t abundant in it. However, instead of filling their website with stock photos and long, winded texts about efficiency and monetization, they are a straight-to-the-point kind of company. The only thing you will find on their page are enumerated facts about how their network operates, a contact sheet and registration form.

Ad Formats

Rapsio supports two ad formats: the full-screen ad and the InText ad.

The PPV option opens a new, full size tab (or window) with your landing page. There are no requirements as to the resolution, it can literally be as big as you want.

The InText ads are user-initiated. They rely on the user installing Rapsio software: when his mouse hovers above selected keywords (which you target), a 300×250 image of your choosing appears. If he clicks the image, you are charged for the ad.

Pricing and geolocation

Rapsio’s pricing is bid-based. The minimum for any campaign is a budget of US$50 per day. Your campaign doesn’t have to use up this daily budget.

The minimum bids for PPV impressions are as low as $0.0005 up to $0.0080 for targeted campaigns in countries with high-quality traffic. The PPC minimum bids range from $0.01 to $0.05.

Rapsio, of course, does not allow certain ads: adult ads are banned, your ads may not link directly to downloads. If advertising from the USA, you may not promote gambling without presenting the proper documentation. Your ads may not lock the users browser, which just seems like common sense. Copyright-infringing ads are also banned, along with those linked to pay-per-call tech support. Your ads, however, are permitted to use audio.

Rapsio supports traffic from 22 countries. Most of their traffic comes from the USA, Canada, The UK, Brazil, India, Spain and France.


Using the Rapsio user interface you chan use two methods of targeting. Firstly, you may whitelist a domain or URL keyword. When, for instance, you add the word “guitar” to the list, the ad will be activated by the user any time he browses a page with the word “guitar” in the URL.

You may also blacklist a domain, which blocks it from referring URLs.

The second option is choosing run of network traffic, where you are not required to enter any keywords or domains. The campaign will be ran on default settings, so to speak, and the minimum bid for such traffic is a bit lower than for targeted campaigns.


As it is with many small companies, the support is very good. Within a minute of emailing the company, I got an invitation to a Skype chat with two different employees, who answered all of my questions.  I also got a link to a Rapsio FAQ, which gave me all the info I could possibly need. All I needed to do was just ask, as the FAQ document isn’t linked to from their website.

Both the employees were very helpful, and the response time was phenomenal  (especially when taking into account that I was contacting them from a different timezone. I wasn’t expecting a reply the same day, much less in a few minutes!)

Registration and initial deposit

Registration is, as always, very straightforward. After filling in every necessary field we are ready to go.

The initial deposit is $1000 and (if not from the US) we need a referral from an existing member to register. When from the US, the advertiser has no additional initial costs. Some non US companies are required to wire an additional $1000 security deposit, while the deposit for advertisers from India and China is $2000. While it may not be as convenient as some other networks, It’s well within reason. The supported payment methods are wire transfer and credit card.

When launching  a campaign, we need to wait for it to be approved. This takes up to 24 business hours.

The Rapsio user interface is well-designed and functional. Apart from the tools used to launch your campaign, we are provided with tools which report its statistics. The detailed report tab shows us the previous ten days of campaign data. The Target optimization section shows you your current bid and competing bids in the network. Inside this section, you may check the lowest bid that is receiving traffic (if it is higher than the daily campaign budget) or the current top bid by target in the network.


Rapsio supports versions of their ads suited for mobile browsers. However, they don’t support in-app ads. Being a slightly specialized ad network, they stay true to their niche.

So, generally…

Generally, Rapsio is a good bet for advertisers. Even though they require a $1000 deposit (which isn’t that high in itself, but may be a bit too much for small advertisers, especially if they are not from the US or UK) and a referral from an existing user, they are a interesting option as their traffic has kept steadily growing since the platform’s start. The ad formats they chose to specialize in offer a good conversion rate (the PPV ones, of course) and price efficiency (I’m looking at the PPC InText ads.) Rapsio is also a private traffic source.

If you have $1000 in your budget for a deposit and are curious about trying a new PPV/PPC network, Rapsio is a good choice. The required referral isn’t a problem,  as even if you’re new to the game it’s not hard to find someone to refer you on an online forum.



If you want to join Rapsio feel free to contact Matt

Find out which campaigns are being promoted by your competition in Rapsio. Sign up for a trial!

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