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RevenueHits and SelfAdvertiser: What are we hitting here? How hard?

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RevenueHits is owned and operated by a company called MyAdWise Ltd. It is a start-up from Israel, founded in 2008. They are CPA (with a cost-per-view option available) based and present  themselves as being publisher-focused. To be honest, it is hard to find an objective view about their company online; many ‘user opinions’ are thinly-veiled ads. Alas, that is what advertising companies do… A little subtlety goes a long way, though.

RevenueHits focuses on publishers, that is true. But no need to worry, dear advertisers, as they have a dedicated site for you, called SelfAdvertiser. Its goal is to enable you to buy high quality traffic in a simple way. What assurance do you have that the traffic will be high quality? That’s the beauty of the CPA advertising model, you only pay for conversions.

You may hear some badmouthing from beginning publishers about CPA ad networks. Being under the impression, that they get revenue for any and all traffic, they think they are cheated out of their earnings… While the simple truth is, even a million impressions won’t earn you a dime if there are no conversions.

Which formats are there to choose from?

RevenueHits offers pretty standard ad formats: banners (available in all common dimension), pop-ups (and unders) and interstitials.

That being said, RevenueHits ads pop up in a lot of other places, like toolbars and search engines. While the graphic ad format is completely satisfactory, it is good to know that they try to push the envelope a little and come up with different ideas.

As for targering, you may choose the geographic location where your ads will be displayed, time of day, site profile; in other words, all of the standard modern profiling we know and love are available here. Also, different verticals are available (gaming, technology, hobbies, etc.)

How much do I need to cough up?

The minimum bid in the CPV option (which uses pop-under ads) is $0.0001 per view. In the Pay per click model, the minimum bid is $0.01 per click.

Their FAQ states, that some publishers have a ratio of $30 eCPM. With this obviously being on the far-right side of the probability curve, the average eCPM rates are lower; however, it doesn’t really matter to the advertiser in this model. We pay only for effective clicks, not impressions. The only thing the eCPM ratio signifies to the advertiser is the quality of traffic supplied by the publisher.

As far as campaign funding goes, you can both launch a huge campaign with an impressive budget or use fifty dollars for a month. The freedom and ease of buying traffic on SelfAdvertiser is definitely a big plus.

Where is all this traffic coming from?

Mostly from the USA, but RevenueHits accepts advertisers from all over the world. This means that, of course, that SelfAdvertiser uses traffic from all over the world.

The quality of the traffic is excellent, thanks to using the CPA model. You only pay for users which have completed a specific action (like clicking your ad), so you can be sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck.

When a publisher first starts working with RevenueHits, they use different ads in order to analyze which are the most effective on the site. This keeps both publishers and advertisers happy, maximizing both clicks and revenue.


SelfAdvertiser supports mobile systems. In the Advertiser’s panel, you choose which systems to use, and among them are Android and iOS. You may even specifically use only mobile devices for your campaign, which in itself is an interesting profiling method; very useful when we’re trying to advertise our mobile app, for example.


SelfAdvertiser’s (as well as RevenueHits’) support is just fine. They respond to emails and are active in the web advertising comminuty. They are also available on Skype (Mon-Thu, 7am-5pm GMT), which is very convenient if we only have a quick question to ask.

Both campaigns and websites are approved quickly and with little hassle. They, however, do not accept websites and ads with adult content.

The user interface is simple and effective. Creating a campaign is perhaps one of the simplest I have ever seen: if you have your mind made up about what you want and what your budget is, it literally takes only a minute.


Registration and initial deposit

The registration and deposit are definitely one of SelfAdvertiser’s strong suites. The registration is complete in a couple of minutes; after providing some basic information about yourself, your company and your payment details, you are free to launch a campaign, just like that.

As for the deposit, there is none. You simply choose the daily budget for your campaign (which can be as low as $5) and, after supplying the details of your campaign, submit it for approval.

As for payment methods, Wire PayPal and Payoneer are acceptable.

All right. So what are we thinking?

I don’t know about you, but personally I find both sides of the company- RevenueHits and SelfAdvertiser- to be a viable choice for publishing and advertising. The CPA model is fair to both sides of the bargain, though the publishers of small and medium sites may experience some fluctuating revenue, not as stable as with a CPM based company.

SelfAdvertiser stresses that the Advertiser’s convenience and ease of use is important to them, and it really shows. Setting up campaigns is fast and easy, and if you have any questions, the user support is readily available.

If you are a publisher with a small site, maybe you should try something that is not cost per action based. If you are a advertiser looking to acquire traffic in a easy manner, then I believe that SelfAdvertiser is a good choice.


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  1. RevenueHits In my opinion, it is an alternative for those who are already annoyed to use google adsense. In my case I use RevenueHits because it has the same types of ads that Googe adsense

  2. Frankly i believe that revenuehits is the best adsense alternatives for all publishers blocked from adsense or their request not accepted.

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