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So what’s DirectRev (Gunggo), anyway?  

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DirectRev is an ad delivery system, which in itself  is pretty clear. It is operated by a Canadian CPM, CPC and CPA based internet advertising company in operation since 2006, offering access to more than 600 million unique monthly users and the ability to display over 4.15 billion ad views per month. DirectRev isn’t always in the spotlight; even though it is used in different contexts, the way to identify it sometimes leads through looking at the source code of the ads.

Which ad formats does DirectRev offer?


DirectRev offers (aside from pop-ups) various types of ads.

Banners are available in a expandable variant. Thanks to this they offer more space and can accommodate any type of media and text a regular website offer. The 160×600 pixels banner expands to a size of 600×600. The 728×90 pixels size expands into 728×315 pixels, and the 300×250 pixels one expand into either 600×260 or 300×500.

Interstitial ads are fullscreen and are guaranteed to be viewed for a certain amount of time. The have a size of 640×480.

A wallpaper ad is a large skin, occupying space left unused by the webpage. It can be dragged and clicked and is compatible with any browser.

Slider and are essentially banners, which slide in from the bottom-right corner of the screen. They are available in resolutions of 300×250, 300×500, and 600×250 pixels.

The pop-under ad is the well-known variation ofthe pop-up. It stays hidden under  any other page, and can be of any size and contain anything from text to interactive flash content.

The ads also come in video variants: interstitials before flash videos, and intros (much like the succesfulll youtube ad system).

DirectRev also state that they are open to custom ad formats and will adapt to the wishes of the advertiser.

Publishers, however, are not free to use any type of ad on their website. The system decides which ad format is best suited for their bandwidth and demographic, and chooses those which will yield the best results. As far as publishers freedom goes it may be a bit restrictive, but it guarantees good results for the advertiser.


DirectRev does not lag behind on the mobile front and offers versions of their ads for mobile versions of webpages and inn-app ads. Mobile devices being the most popular way of browsing the web nowadays, I wouldn’t expect anything else from a respectable company.

Their tracking technology offers all the bells and whistles associated with modern ads. Geolocation, displaying ads at a specific time of day, capping the amount of displays per user, demographic and psychographic analysis. They categorize users due to their demographic and browsing habits, letting you choose which demographic suits your campaign best. It’s not a completely free choice, but it is free enough: there are several ‘channels’ of intended audience from which we may choose. Among them are: gaming, sports, business and finance, men, women, gambling, entertainment and lifestyle, automotive, health and fitness, news and reference, technology, shopping, alcohol, travel and social networking.


DirectRev claims to be a fully international company, showing their ads across the globe. While most of their traffic comes from the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia, they advertise being able to use traffic from any country of your choosing.

Their publishers are carefully selected and verified, so that only brand-safe environments are available for advertisers. Only sites with a minimum of 10 000 unique visitors per month (with the exception of sites with a niche traffic audience: dating and gambling sites) The claim of quality is not unsubstantiated, as among their clients are such well-known companies as bet365, okcupid and travian, whose campaigns were obviously successful.

The company claims that this success is not only due to good algorithms and high quality ads; they pride themselves in working close with both advertisers and publishers and sharing their experience and know-how in order to get the best results.

I’m a bit conflicted about DirectRev’s support at this moment. While they claim 24/7 support through a chat client on their site, that chat client simply doesn’t work at the moment (tested through different browsers and web connections). I can only hope that this is a temporary malfunction. Apart from that, they claim (and their users on internet messageboards concur with) their response time for emailed questions in 48 hours. As what they advertise must be a best-scenario version of events, one cannot help feeling disappointed by this response time.

Registration and initial deposit.

 Registration seems to require the standard amount of information and is very straightforward. You won’t be able to finish it in a couple of minutes, however. Your account information must first be checked by an DirectRev employee which you will hear from in 48 hours. Maybe not the most convenient solution, but entirely reasonable (especially when taking into account that as far as approval procceses go, 48 hours is pretty snappy.)

Their initial deposit is quite high, as it is set at $5000 dollars. The supported payment methods are Paypal, wire transfer and check.

Anything else?

The company also has a charitable side. They support Junior Achievement (a non-profit dedicated to educating young people about business), Make-a-wish Canada (a charity making the wishes of terminally-ill children come true), Ad Council (public service ads) and (a non-profit focused on providing safe and sustainable clean water solutions for the developing world)

All in all…

All in all, I’d say working with DirectRev is worth a shot. Despite some hiccups, they have an air of legitimacy (which is a rare thing in the internet-based company world) and their traffic and ads seem promising. Both advertiser and publisher testimonies seem to be positive, indicating a high degree of cooperation and professionalism.



-High flexibility of ad formats and traffic

-Intuitive control panel

-Good quality traffic



-Some problems with support

-High initial deposit

Creative examples from BoxOfAds



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