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PropellerAds overview

When I looked at PropellerAds, a thought ran through my mind: “these are big boys with deep pockets.” Each day they show ads to 100 million users from all around the globe, both on desktop and mobile devices. Literally, with PropellerAds you can advertise at any country in the world.

Moreover, they know the ad market pretty well as they’ve launched thousands of campaigns and they eagerly share this knowledge through account managers who assist clients at all time.

They are big, they haven’t stopped growing and developing though. At the moment, PropellerAds is working on a self-serviced platform for advertisers which should be launched by the end of this year.

Would you like to meet them now? Let me guide you through PropellerAds offer.

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ZeroPark overview

ZeroPark is a traffic network that could be called by two names — quality and easiness. Quality stands for the traffic the network offers and easiness reflects in a user friendly ad platform.

ZeroPark’s saying is “never overpay for traffic.” To make sure it happens in the real life they do three things: offer large volumes on a global level, monitor traffic quality day-to-day and use a smart algorithm for bidding. They also offer a solid support that can assist and advice with a campaign set-up, targeting and optimization.

Let’s see what they look like up close.

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Popcash. Sounds great! What can you tell me about them?

In terms of company history? Not much. Nothing, in fact. Even though you can contact them through various internet messengers and email, they give no physical address or phone number on their website. While this might smell fishy to some people, I have found the company to be very communicative and reliable.  Their website is a bit like their company- straight to the point, no-nonsense information about their services. If the FAQ section doesn’t answer  your question, support is just a click away.

Other than that, they are a small, CPM based, highly specialized ad company. In a world of media conglomerates and ad giants, finding a good niche and filling it is the only way to make a smaller ad company thrive. And I must say, Popcash is very much alive and kicking.

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So what’s DirectRev (Gunggo), anyway?  

DirectRev is an ad delivery system, which in itself  is pretty clear. It is operated by a Canadian CPM, CPC and CPA based internet advertising company in operation since 2006, offering access to more than 600 million unique monthly users and the ability to display over 4.15 billion ad views per month. DirectRev isn’t always in the spotlight; even though it is used in different contexts, the way to identify it sometimes leads through looking at the source code of the ads.

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AdCash overview – “ads” something more to your business, a scale.

So let’s look at one of the biggest advertising networks in terms of reach – and by reach we mean countries (249!) and different devices too. It is one of most, if not the most technology driven, performance based ad network to be a part of. Real pioneers in dynamic CPM optimization, trying to serve ads most relevant to the visitor’s demographics and topics, making tailor – made solutions for its customers.

Some say they are too meticulous, but seeing how much they care about their quality of service it can only be taken as a compliment. Looking at their webpage you can spot major brands, like Travian games,, EA, and Ubisoft.

What’s really drawn the attention of such well – known global companies to a network like AdCash?

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