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Data from Major
Pay-Per-View Networks

Our software collects data from TrafficVance, Leadimpact and other.
If you advertise over there, we are a great solution to find out what is going on on those networks.


TrafficVance*, Leadimpact* and other

Landing Pages





* does not make claims of representation, is not affiliated, partnered, endorsed, sponsored, funded by, authorized, maintained or in any way associated with websites: and or any affiliates of companies which run those websites.


Save time by using our advanced search that allows you to filter by all parameters available in BoxOfAds including Destination, Source, Date Range, Age and Hits. Get the list of campaigns and landing pages that are currently working in your niche at ease.


defines where the searched word is.


defines which traffic source should be
searched: TrafficVence, LeadImpact or

Data Range

defines when Landing
page was seen.


defines for how long
a campaign was displayed.


defines how many times campaign
was displayed.

If you still haven't found what you were looking for use our new tool. Tools called "Target Monitoring" has been created for you by our team to monitor domains that BoxOfAds didn't cover
but you want to promote on. We will scan for ads 24/7

Details about
Landing Pages

Get Full insight on competitors creatives and landing pages by easily analyzing clear to read data. Look through detailed information on advertiser activities such as list of targets that campaign is promoted on, other campaigns by these advertisers, other creatives for this target and many more.

Data Range

See when and how active landing
page is by analyzing "hits".

Full data on landing page

See on what target landing
page was seen.

Downloadable data

Download easily information
about advertiser activity.

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Implement tools like Global Account Search Exclude, My favourites campaigns and stay up to date with your competition activities.

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